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ah LD#27 is over
I never expected myself to finish
since this is my first time (doing something of this sort)
I know I still have the jam left
but I dont think I’m going to submit anything
everything I made was really dumby

I can say, though, I have learned so much in the past 2-4 days

I sharpened my javascript.
got a crash course in animation
I learned a lot more features in
photoshop to increase efficiency
and I got to draw a lot! I probrobably
did that more than anything else

I never got to make any music
but I am definitely not going to leave this an unfinished project

I’m going to work on it during the school year and most definitely participate in another LD48 (just for more practice!!)

besides locking myself in my room for 3 days straight, my weekend has been awesome. I’m glad LD made programming fun again…

anyway… I hope you all didn’t mind all the text posts for the past few days. because if you do, then you can just unfollow me (yeah thats right) I think I might start journaling my life on here more often.

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